Master Fleming Shares His Olympic Experience
Aug. 18, 2016
To all Taekwondo enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about the sport.

Master Fleming sat down with one of our students to share some of his background competing in Taekwondo, a recent visit to Miami to visit with Olympic athletes heading to Rio as well as some very compelling perspectives about both the sport and lifestyle tenets of Taekwondo. A great video (approximately 30 minutes) to watch/listen to while training cardio. Below the video, you will also find an invitation to ask Master Fleming any questions that you may have about Olympic Sparring. He will answer them in class and we may include some in our next newsletter.

You will also find an overview of our Fall class schedule which will resume next Monday, August 29th. As mentioned in our last update, we are working on our calendar to further help you organize your busy schedules.

As always we value your input and participation at WOW Taekwondo. You ALL make us great.

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Master Fleming sharing experience at training camp in Miami.

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Dustin Greely


This place is amazing for kids and adults ! I have two children . A 5yr old girl and a 4yr old son . The discipline that they have now is incredible. .yes ma'am no sir !! I would highly recommend WOW to anyone !

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Elnora Elie Anderson


Master Fleming has a genuine love for the sport of Taekwondo and his students. My 5 children have enjoyed training with him as well as his very talented staff. Thank you Sir!

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