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WAIVER AND RELEASE: I , the undersigned , hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the nature of martial arts and am engaging in physical exercise and the use of equipment and that injury may result through training and instruction. In the event of any injury, illness, or other condition, which would require immediate medical assistance, I hereby consent to allow W.O.W. Taekwondo and its employees, members or agents to take such action as necessary to contact and provide emergency medical assistance. I hereby consent to assume all financial responsibility for such medical assistance. I hereby agree to waive any claims or rights I might otherwise have, to sue W.O.W. Taekwondo, its employees, members, or agents, for injury to the members I have enrolled in W.O.W. Taekwondo’s activities, and consent to hold W.O.W. Taekwondo and its employees, members, or agents from any and all liability free from claims and actions whatsoever arising from this program whether it may occur at the W.O.W. Taekwondo school, and/or during the transportation to and from any associated location. I have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand it is a release of liability. I further agree to release W.O.W. Taekwondo for any loss or theft of personal property. If I damage any property of W.O.W. Taekwondo, I will be charged the full price and will take full responsibility for such payments. I hereby consent to allow W.O.W. Taekwondo the use of photos or videos of members listed above in W.O.W. Taekwondo’s marketing and promotional materials.
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