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This camp, on our small organic and diversified farm lets kids learn everything from making and planting beds, adding compost, watering, weeding and harvesting; to eating and observing. They'll get to feed the chickens and hang out with the goats, maybe even make goat cheese and soap. How interested would you be in either attending or enrolling your child(ren) in this camp over the summer? The cost would be $159 for a full week (20% discount if enrolled in more than one camp)
What questions or concerns might you have about your child(ren) attending our farm camp over the summer? Please use this space to elaborate on all of your thoughts. This feedback is very important to us.
If you are interested, are there any weeks over the summer that are not good for you at all (example, traveling on vacation)? If this questions doesn't apply, please type NA.
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Do you plan on attending or enrolling your child(ren) in another one of our summer camps?