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Way Of The Warrior is now offering a new range of fitness options during the times that our Dojang is not being used for Taekwondo classes. Please take a few mins to share your thoughts, ideas and preferences. Before getting started, take another look up above at the current offering and also at some images that we put together of some class ideas that we have been exploring. Based on all of the above and what you may have heard or talked about with us and your fellow students and parents, overall, how interesting is the idea that WOW add these types of classes? We're sure that it depends on things like schedules and costs etc. but before we get into that, please simply let us know your personal level of interest.
What type of fitness classes interests you? Select all that apply.
If you said something else, what ideas would you like to share? If nothing, please type nothing...
What time(s) of day would be the best for you?
How do you envision paying for such an offering? Select all that appeal to you personally.
What else would you like to share with us on this subject? Additional feedback, ideas we haven't thought of? Anything?