Master Reggie Willis

The Fleming's!!!!
" Master Fleming is like a brother to me. I have watched him grow into an amazing instructor, leader, father and friend. He and his amazing wife Marelet have created a one of a kind school. A family 1st environment where you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in. The training you receive is some of the best in the world. Jonathan takes the time to continue to learn and develop the curriculum so all the students get world class experience. I would encourage anyone to try a class and experience it for themselves. "


Avery and Chris
"Avery and Chris we are so proud of all your hard work and dedication!!! You guys are going to do awesome!!!!"

Dustin Greely

"This place is amazing for kids and adults ! I have two children . A 5yr old girl and a 4yr old son . The discipline that they have now is incredible. .yes ma'am no sir !! I would highly recommend WOW to anyone !"

Elnora Elie Anderson

"Master Fleming has a genuine love for the sport of Taekwondo and his students. My 5 children have enjoyed training with him as well as his very talented staff.
Thank you Sir!"

Ryan Murphy

"I am a huge fan of martial arts in general and I have been exposed to several martial arts programs over the years. WOW Taekwondo is a family operated business and they are all pure class acts. My daughter has been enrolled at WOW for almost a year now and my family could not be any happier with personal development that our daughter has obtained. Master Fleming does not run a “belt mill” and every one of his students earns their way through the WOW program. Master Fleming really cares for his students and and he is one of the most influential people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Master Fleming teaches classes all day long and he walks his talk! Master Fleming is great martial artist, teacher and true role model for both kids and adults. If you’re searching for place to begin or continue martial arts look no further than WOW Taekwondo."